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If you do not find the answer to your exterior cladding question here, please email us or phone 1300 66 55 43 for expert assistance and technical advice on all aspects of external wall cladding.
1. Q:  What benefits will external wall cladding provide for my home? 
  A:  Exterior wall cladding will improve insulation, reduce maintenance and add beauty and value to your home. Many types of environmentally friendly cladding will increase the thermal efficiency of your home, making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
2. Q:  How can I obtain a quotation for exterior cladding on my home? 
  A:  The Cladding Advisory Service has an extensive network of contacts in the cladding industry. We can put you in touch with a cladding professional who is able to give an obligation free quotation for exterior cladding on your home.
3. Q:  How can I match my existing external cladding? 
  A:  The Cladding Advisory Service can identify your cladding product from a sample or photograph. Simply contact our office to use the cladding identification and matching service.
4. Q:  What if my exterior cladding product is no longer available? 
  A:  Some external cladding products are out of production and cannot be matched exactly. The Cladding Advisory Service can recommend the best alternative or closest available product for your cladding project.
5. Q:  Can I install external wall cladding myself? 
  A:  Many types of exterior cladding are suitable for the home handyman to install. For more information see the DIY page.
6. Q:  How can I locate a cladding supplier or tradesman in my area? 
  A:  The Cladding Advisory Service has an extensive, Australia-wide network of contacts in the cladding industry. Simply contact us by phone or email for friendly, helpful assistance to find the service you require.
7. Q:  How can I check if a tradesman is reputable? 
  A: Useful information is provided on the Consumer Protection page. Ask for licence and insurance details and request details of other jobs which the builder has completed.
For answers to all your questions, please contact our expert technical team who
will be happy to assist you.

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